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Above the battle field so high
And soaring in the sun
Fly carrion birds across the sky
Above the men who run.

They run for battle and for lands
For families left behind
And run a race against the sands
Of the killer – Time

And as the war does onward rage
Death stalks the fields and streets
He takes boys’ lives at such young age
And stills the hearts’ wild beats

And what remains after the war
When all are dead and gone?
When men are old and stiff and sore
And life is all but done?

Yet hope remains while hearts are true
And glorious deeds will shine
And peaceful rest like morning dew
Shall ease the aches of time

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To A Friend

Dear friend, I wish I had the words to speak
But words no longer are enough for me
What can I say to make you understand
It is not you that I am running from?
A darkness haunts me - memories long passed -
And will not let me go. It is my fight
And mine alone. You cannot fight for me.
Be patient with me, friend, and when I run
Come find me, soothe me, let me know I’m loved
And someday soon I’ll cease to run away.